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jc24v/250w/g1 - EYE EHJ A1/223 250W 24V G6,35 2.000H

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Are you interested in buying EYE EHJ A1/223 250W 24V G6,35 2.000H (jc24v/250w/g1) ? MULTI-LITE USA will quote to you as professional end user or distributor within the USA, Canada and Mexico on EYE EHJ A1/223 250W 24V G6,35 2.000H (jc24v/250w/g1) lamps, light bulbs, starters, LED, ballasts and colour and correction filters. If you are located outside these countries, please refer to our local sales catalogues. The entire range of medical lamps and light sources for PCB manufacturing like OSRAM HBO will be shipped world wide. For more general lighting lamps please see our local sales catalogues.

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jc24v/250w/g1 - EYE EHJ A1/223 250W 24V G6,35 2.000H is not the product you are looking for? You can search for related products by entering voltage, wattage, base, ANSI code, LIF code and manufacturer in the MULTI-LITE catalogue for lamps and lighting accessories. The catalogue also enables search for lamps cross references. For colour and correction filters, please enter the filter name or colour number and the brand name.