Lamps, light sources, light bulbs, LED, colour and correction filters from the MULTI-LITE US catalogue. P: PHILIPS, PERKIN ELMER, PANASONIC and other lamp manufacturers

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Product ID Productname
497009 P 15W 24V E14 MATT
497043 P 25W 130V E14 MATT
497030 P 25W 24V E14
pf810 P1/14 PF810 650W 230V G6,35
L0199 P1/8 250W 30V R7S
111011 P45 1.2W/827 230V E14 GLAS
111041 P45 1.2W/827 230V E14 POLYCARBONAT
111001 P45 1.2W/827 230V E27 GLAS
111031 P45 1.2W/827 230V E27 POLYCARBONAT
111061 P45 1.5W/827 230V E27 POLYCARBONAT
111071 P45 1W/827 230V E27
570786-62 PAR16 35W 230V E27 35°
570787-62 PAR16 50W 230V E27 35°
570788-62 PAR16 75W 230V E27 35°
77841402 PF 207E/21 250W 230V E27
77841414 PF208E P1/2 500W 220V E27
77841409 PF308 P2/1 500W 240V E27 3200°K
77841412 PF603 75W 230V E27 COATED
77841406 PF605E P3/4 150W 230V E27
77841419 PF607E P3/6 250W 230V E27
msr1200sa/2de PHILIPS MSR 1.200W/SA/2DE SFC10-4
msi1200s PHILIPS MSR 1.200W/SA/DE SFC10-4
6052m PHILIPS 1,45A 6V E14
71/2526-100v PHILIPS 1.000W 100V GX9,5
71/2526 PHILIPS 1.000W 230V BLUE PINCH 6995PP
6995bp PHILIPS 1.000W 230V GY9,5 BLUE PINCH
6995pp PHILIPS 1.000W 240V 71/2526 BLUE PINCH
71/2529 PHILIPS 1.200W 120V GX9,5 BLUE PINCH
13714x PHILIPS 1000W 110V X IRK
6990p PHILIPS 1000W 120V G9,5 METAL IRK
14302p PHILIPS 1000W 120V G95 CERAMIC IRK
15024z PHILIPS 1000W 120V SK15 IRK
iode1000 PHILIPS 1000W 230V E40
7002y-230v PHILIPS 1000W 230V G22
15007cf PHILIPS 1000W 235V CLICFIT IRK
15019z PHILIPS 1000W 235V SK15 IRK
13713z/98 PHILIPS 1000W 235V SK15 REFLEKTOR IRK
13195u PHILIPS 1000W 235V U IRK
13195x PHILIPS 1000W 235V X IRK
13713x/98 PHILIPS 1000W 235V X REFLEKTOR IRK
13195y PHILIPS 1000W 235V Y IRK
7002y PHILIPS 1000W 240V G22
15014z PHILIPS 1000W 240V SK15 IRK
13386z/876 PHILIPS 1000W 240V SK15 RUBY IRK
1000t3/cl PHILIPS 1000W 240V U IRK
14550-8 PHILIPS 100PAR38/HEAT/CL
alulinepro100w/8° PHILIPS 100W 12V G53 8°

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