Lamps, light sources, light bulbs, LED, colour and correction filters from the MULTI-LITE US catalogue. U: USHIO and other lamp manufacturers

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Product ID Productname
9959408 US ETJ MR16 250W 120V GY5,3 FIBEROPTIK
306345 USHIO 1000W 240V G22
8017us USHIO 15W 6V B15D
JCD240V-500WC USHIO 500W 240V GY9,5
9966251 USHIO A1/266 DNF MR18 150W 21V GX7,9
1000072 USHIO BRN 1200W 120V G17T-7
9958100 USHIO BSH 500W 240V R7S 119MM
1000082 USHIO BTG 1200W 120V G17Q
w-cdx/cdx USHIO CDS/CDX 100W 120V BA15S
3000055 USHIO CF13S/841
903795 USHIO CP/77 FEL 1.000W 120V G9,5
1000540 USHIO CP/81 FKW 300W 120V GY9,5
959661 USHIO CP/83 10.000W 240V G38
1002571 USHIO CP/89 650W 230V GY9,5
1000604 USHIO CP/89 FRK 650W 120V GY9,5
1002288 USHIO CP/99 BCM 20.000W 208V G38
1002165 USHIO CP/99 BCM 20.000W 225V G38
1000165 USHIO DCA 150W 21,5V GX17Q 15H
1000170 USHIO DDB/DDW 750W 120V P28S
9957693 USHIO DDL MR16 150W 20V GX5,3
1000180 USHIO DED MR16 85W 13,8V GX5,3
8000316 USHIO DKK 50W 24V G8
1000209 USHIO DNT/FMD 750W 120V P28S
308714 USHIO DWZ T5 375W 30V R7S
dxl40scn USHIO DXL 40SCN
dxl30sn USHIO DXL-30SN
dxl40sn USHIO DXL-40SN
dxl60sn USHIO DXL-60SN
1000236 USHIO DXW T5 1000W 120V R7S
313408 USHIO DXX P2/13 800W 240V R7S
308285 USHIO DYC JP 240V 1000WS UA
JCD30V-250WS USHIO DYG 250W 30V GY9,5
503711 USHIO DYJ 650W 230V G5,3
503398 USHIO DYR A1/233 650W 220V GY9,5
503924 USHIO DYR A1/233 650W 240V GY9,5
502561 USHIO DYS/DYV A1/264 600W 120V GZ9,5
1000272 USHIO EFR A1/232 MR16 150W 15V GZ6,35
1000273 USHIO EGC/EDG 500W 120V P28S
903840 USHIO EHG 750W 120V G9,5
1000292 USHIO EHP 300W 120V R7S
1000294 USHIO EHT 250W 120V E11
9955549 USHIO EJA MR16 150W 21V GX5,3
306061 USHIO EJG 750W 120V R7S
1000299 USHIO EJG 750W/120V R7S
9957758 USHIO EKE MR16 150W 21V GX5,3 200H
1000312 USHIO EKP/ENA MR16 80W 30V GX5,3
9959271 USHIO EKZ MR16 30W 10,8V GX5,3
1000318 USHIO ELC A1/259 MR16 250W 24V GX5,3
1000325 USHIO ELZ MR18 150W 21V GX7,9
1000327 USHIO EMD 750W 120V R7S MATT

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