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Discharge lamps

Powerful discharge lamps that emit visible light or UV light are available as single ended and double ended lamps.
  • Large product variety & selection
  • GE Lighting, SYLVANIA, PHILIPS, OSRAM & other manufacturers
  • Attractive price-performance ratio of the comprehensive product range
  • Different sockets: plug-in sockets, screw sockets, bayonet sockets and much more
  • Fast shipping on the same day for orders before 16 o'clock
  • On request, tailor-made offers for your business

Efficient discharge lamps for trade, commerce and industry

The professional use of discharge lamps results from the very high luminous flux, which the lamps emit at comparatively low operating costs. High light quality and reliable operation over an average of 30,000 operating hours are the hallmarks of these lamps, which consist of gas-filled bulbs made of glass, quartz glass or aluminium oxide ceramics.

MULTI-LITE, the international wholesaler and B2B online shop for illuminants and lamps, offers discharge lamps of various designs, luminous fluxes and light colours: Very bright high-pressure discharge lamps, so-called HID lamps, with up to 2,300,000 Lm, but also special ultraviolet high-pressure lamps for use in materials technology can be purchased in our online shop and conveniently delivered to your premises. We also stock discharge lamps from well-known manufacturers such as GE Lighting, PHILIPS, OSRAM, RADIUM, SYLVANIA and many more. We guarantee fast dispatch, which takes place with orders before 16 o'clock still on the same day.

Buy Low Pressure & High Pressure Discharge Lamps in Online Shop

High luminous efficacy, long service life and reliable light quality make discharge lamps the preferred industrial light source: high-pressure discharge lamps (HID) such as orange sodium vapour lamps (HSE, HST) are used for street lighting, car parks or platforms. The neutral white light of metal halide lamps illuminates workshops, production halls, warehouses, sports fields and theatre stages. Cinema projectors continue to use xenon discharge lamps to achieve the required luminous flux. Low-pressure discharge lamps are used as fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps in offices and smaller operating rooms.

In addition to these common lamps, our online shop also offers discharge lamps for many applications and industries: from low-pressure sodium vapour lamps through high-pressure mercury vapour lamps (HME, HBO) and ultraviolet high-pressure lamps to specialised xenon short arc lamps and general xenon lamps. MULTI-LITE offers you the right discharge lamps for your individual application.

Long-life discharge lamps through the use of electronic & conventional ballasts (ECG & KVG)

Discharge lamps use an electrical ignition impulse which sets the impact ionisation inside the bulb in motion. During this process, the atoms of the gas or metal vapor collide, releasing energy in the form of visible light and UV radiation. From the ignition onwards, both the pressure inside the bulb and the shocks between the atoms increase to the full intensity of the light. An electrical ballast (EB) or conventional ballast (CB) limits the current flowing through the discharge lamp and contributes to its long life. In our online shop you will find not only discharge lamps, but also the appropriate control gear and ballasts for efficient operation.
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