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High Intensity Discharge Lamps (HID)

Powerful HID lamps for the professional lighting of stages, events and sales rooms
  • Trouble-free, uniform lighting
  • USHIO, Tungsram (GE Lighting), PHILIPS, SYLVANIA & other manufacturers
  • Durable, high-quality quality
  • One-sided or two-sided plinths of various plinth systems
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Fast dispatch on the same day with orders until 16 o'clock
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High-pressure discharge lamps & HID lamps uncomplicated in the online shop buy

From the first take to the last curtain - lighting and event technicians for theatre, film and television appreciate the reliable, colourfast light of high-pressure discharge lamps and their trouble-free continuous operation. Long-life, economical HID (high intensity discharge) lamps also illuminate concerts, discotheques and sales rooms.

In the online shop of MULTI-LITE, the worldwide wholesaler of lamps, luminaires and LEDs, public institutions and commercial companies buy top-class discharge lamps. The range includes bright metal halide lamps, sodium vapour HDL for street lighting, mercury vapour HDL for fibre optic applications and ultraviolet high pressure lamps for curing paints and plastics.

Trouble-free, long-life high-pressure discharge lamps for stage, film & television

High-pressure discharge lamps are used where bright, colourfast light is required over large areas. Event halls use HID lamps in appropriate spotlights to optimally illuminate stages, halls or grandstands indoors or outdoors. The highly innovative technology of the manufacturers PHILIPS, Tungsram (GE Lighting), SYLVANIA, OSRAM or USHIO supports lighting engineers, for example, through the hot restrike function, the stability of the arc and the resistance of the quartz glass or aluminium oxide ceramic bulbs.

High-pressure discharge lamps produce different light colours depending on the design and metal vapour used: The online shop offers 24,000 watt metal halide lamps with a colour temperature of 10,000 K as well as high-pressure sodium vapour lamps with a colour temperature of 1,810 K at 75 watts.

Tailor-made offers for lighting with high-pressure discharge lamps (HID)

You need a quick replacement for a broken HID lamp? Or would you like to implement a complete lighting concept using high-pressure discharge lamps? The MULTI-LITE experts will advise you individually and prepare a special offer that is ideally tailored to your requirements. Thanks to our tight logistics network and warehouse at five locations on three continents, our delivery reaches you as quickly as possible. If you order high-pressure discharge lamps by 4 p.m., we guarantee delivery on the same day.
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Special Base
PGJX50 PGJX36 PGJX28 PGJ5 PGJ36 P32D-2 P23 FAXP2.5 FAX1.5 E23H E22H E20.9 5-pol. Ste 3-pol. Ste SPECIAL PICO9 PGZX18 PGZ18 PGZ12 more ... less ...
Screw Base
E40 E39 E27
Plug Base & Pin Base
GX38 GX51 GX8.5 GX9.5 GY22 GY38 GY9.5 GZZ9.5 GZX9.5 GZY9.5 PG12-2 PG12-1 GX22 G8.5 G51 G38 G22 G12 more ... less ...
Double Ended Base
SFC10-4 SFC11 SFC11-4 SFC12-4 SFC15.5 SFC15.5-6 X528 X830R SFC20-6 C14X DOUBLEENDE FC2 K12S K12S-36 K12X30S K12S-7 KY10S R7S RX7S RX7S-24 S25.5 S30 SFA21 SFA21-12 more ... less ...
Twist an Lock Base & Bayonet Base
GU8.5 GX10 GU6.5
White Warm White Neutral White Extra Warm White Daylight Cool White Cool Daylight more ... less ...
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