Lamp bans and lamp phase-out in the EU

For many years, various regulations and protective measures have been coming into effect in the EU to protect our environment. As a result, many conventional light sources (lamps) have been withdrawn from circulation and may no longer be manufactured within the European area. The latest "lamp ban" came into force this year on September 1. Reason enough to look at all discontinued illuminants and their possible replacement lamps.


Information on the EU RoHS Directive:

The "Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances" regulates the use of certain substances classified as hazardous in electronic equipment - such as mercury in light bulbs.

Information on the EU Ecodesign Regulation:

The ecodesign regulation "Single Lighting Regulation" (SLR) sets the standards for the efficiency and light quality of lamps.

Lamps currently affected

In 2023, there are again lamps that are affected by the RoHS directives and the SLR and are therefore "banned" and will now be successively phased out in Europe. Of course, these lamps can still be sold and purchased until all remaining stocks of the manufacturers and dealers are used up.

We have filled our warehouses abundantly and well in the run-up to the phase-out, so that we will be able to cover your needs for quite a while yet. In addition, we make every effort to stock suitable LED replacement lamps so that we can offer you the most suitable replacement lamps possible.

However, conversion to LED is not possible in every case, as not every type of lamp already has an LED solution. And even with those lamps that have an LED replacement type, sometimes a 1:1 replacement cannot be made possible, as these often do not yet provide the light output of the discontinued lamps.

This is particularly noticeable with linear fluorescent lamps. Here, LED development is not yet as advanced. The only exception at present are the NEO lamps from Radium in the T8 LED tube range. However, this is only the case if the special driver developed for this purpose is also installed.

However, since the topic of replacing linear fluorescent lamps is currently playing a major role, we provide you with a small conversion overview below.

CFL and ring-shaped T5 fluorescent lamps CFL and ring-shaped T5 fluorescent lamps


  • Compact fluorescent lamps (without integrated ballast)
  • Circular/ring-shaped fluorescent lamps T5


Compact fluorescent lamps without integrated ballast and also circular T5 fluorescent lamps are still - and despite being discontinued - very much in demand. A major role is played by the fact that circular T5 fluorescent lamps do not yet have LED replacements and compact fluorescent lamps can also only be replaced in parts.

We can still offer you stocks from our warehouse:

Compact fluorescent lamps without integrated ballast

Circular T5 fluorescent lamps


Here you will find the already existing LED replacement lamps for compact fluorescent lamps:

LED compact fluorescent lamps


Linear T8 and T5 fluorescent lamps Linear T8 and T5 fluorescent lamps


  • Linear fluorescent lamps T8
  • Linear fluorescent lamps T5


We can still offer you many of the linear T8 and T5 fluorescent lamps as our warehouses are well stocked. Browse the discontinued types here:

Linear fluorescent lamps T8

Linear fluorescent lamps T5


In addition, you will already find a large selection of LED tubes as replacement lamps in T5 and T8 form. Please note, however, that none of the available types is a 1:1 replacement as the light output of LED tubes is not yet sufficient.

T5 High Voltage LED Tubes and T5 Low Voltage LED Tubes

T8 High Voltage LED-Tubes und T8 Low Voltage LED-Tubes


The T8 LED tubes "NEO" from the manufacturer Radium are an exception. So far, they are the only ones to achieve the old performance - but only in combination with the corresponding LED driver. You can find these here:

T8 LED Tubes "NEO"

High-voltage halogen lamp G9, low-voltage halogen lamp G4 and GY6.35 High-voltage halogen lamp G9, low-voltage halogen lamp G4 and GY6.35


  • High-voltage halogen lamps (G9 base)
  • Low-voltage halogen lamps (G4 and GY6.35 base)


Here you will find the discontinued types currently still available from us:

Mains-voltage halogen lamps with G9 base

Low-voltage halogen lamps with G4 and GY6.35 base


In addition, we offer you the LED replacement lamps available on the market so far, whereby it should be noted that not all discontinued types can yet offer adequate replacement lamps.

Nevertheless, feel free to browse through the available LED lamps or contact us if you would like to replace a specific type of halogen lamp in the best possible way:

High-voltage LED substitute for G9 halogen

Low voltage LED substitute for G4 and GY6.35 halogen


Conversion table for linear T8 fluorescent lamps

Since the replacement of linear fluorescent lamps in particular plays a major role, we provide you with a small conversion overview here.

For the sake of clarity, the table only refers to the most common wattages in the area of T8 fluorescent lamps. In addition, we only refer to three high-quality LED tube manufacturers Philips, Ledvance and Radium.

The aim of the overview is to give you an insight into the alternatives for your old fluorescent lamps and the most fitting competing products available on the market.


Status: September 2023

LED Tubes Conversion Table LED Tubes Conversion Table

Exemptions - Illuminants exempted from the ban


The EU Commission has issued exemptions or obtained extensions for some types of lamps, so that some lamps may indeed continue to be produced and sold.

We show you some of the exceptions below:

  • Special lamps of particular importance or high efficiency, such as emergency and signal lamps, many entertainment lamps or oven lamps
  • High-voltage halogen lamps (R7s <2,700 lumens)
  • UV and infrared lamps (< 2mW/klm; R7s in existing lengths)
  • Particularly narrow-beam lamps (<10 degrees)
  • High output metal halide lamps (HQI)
  • High-pressure sodium lamps (except those with high mercury values such as 250W and 400W)

This list has been compiled in good faith but may not be exhaustive and may be subject to further changes by the Commission.

Signal lamps at the train station Signal lamps at the train station

Overview of upcoming and past phase-outs

Since 2009, different types of lamps have been phased out at regular intervals under the RoHS and Ecodesign Regulations.

Here you will find an overview of the planned as well as past bans.


February 2025

  • Fluorescent lamps T9
  • Compact fluorescent lamps (special applications)
  • HID lamps

The mentioned lamps will be phased out due to their mercury content according to RoHS 2011/65/EU.

An adequate LED replacement is currently only available on the market for T9 fluorescent lamps.


Status: September 2023


February 2027

  • High-pressure sodium vapour lamps
  • Metal halide lamps
  • UV lamps

The RoHS 2011/65/EU regulation also applies to these lamps, banning them from the market due to their respective mercury content.

According to the current state of development, there are not yet any fully-fledged LED lamps that come close to the performance values of these lamps. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that the EU Commission will allow an extension for these types of lamps or at least for some performance levels.


Status: September 2023

Lamp ban 2009 Lamp ban 2009


Ban as of 01.09.2009 of:

  • Incandescent lamps < 75W
  • Halogen lamps > 60W
Lamp ban 2010 Lamp ban 2010


Ban as of 01.09.2010 of:

  • Incandescent lamps > 60W
  • Halogen lamps > 40W
Lamp ban 2011 Lamp ban 2011


Ban as of 01.09.2011 of:

  • Incandescent lamps > 25W
Lamb ban 2012 Lamb ban 2012


Ban as of 01.09.2012 of:

  • Incandescent lamps ≤ 25W
Lamp ban 2015 Lamp ban 2015


Ban to April 2015 of:

  • High-pressure mercury vapour lamps (HQL)
  • Low-pressure sodium vapour lamps
  • Compact fluorescent lamps < 80 lm/W (EB, CCG)
Lamp ban 2016 Lamp ban 2016


Ban as of 01.09.2016 of:

  • 230V high-voltage halogen reflector lamps
  • Low-voltage halogen reflector lamps > Energy efficiency class B
Lamp ban 2018 Lamp ban 2018


Ban as of 01.09.2018 of:

  • High-voltage halogen lamps > Energy efficiency class B
  • Low-voltage halogen lamps > Energy efficiency class B
Lamp ban 2021 Lamp ban 2021


Ban as of 01.09.2021 of:

  • Fluorescent lamps T2
  • Fluorescent lamps T12
  • Compact fluorescent lamps on ECG (common bases such as E27, E14)
  • Linear high-voltage halogen lamps (R7s > 2,700lm)
  • Low-voltage halogen reflector lamps
Do you have questions, would you like advice?

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Simply contact us at:

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This landing page has been compiled with the help of a wide variety of sources: we would like to thank Philips Lighting, Ledvance, Radium and, among others, as well as EUR-LEX (EU Commission) for the information provided.

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