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Choose energy-saving, long-life LED lamps from qualified manufacturers for your business or project.

Multi-Lite is your expert trading partner for high quality LED lamps at best prices

Whether you are looking for something very special, such as an LED tube (LED fluorescent lamp) for disinfecting surfaces, or a smart, dimmable LED candle lamp for atmospheric light that can be controlled via app or voice command - with us you will find a wide range of LED lamps for all applications.

From powerful, flicker-free LED lamps and LED tubes (LED fluorescent lamp) for the illumination of warehouses, production facilities, parking garages or traffic routes, to warm white LED bulbs with terrific good color rendering for sales-promoting lighting of goods and clothing in retail, to dimmable, the light color changing, blue light content reduced LED for the workplace in the office, the workroom or in the hospitality industry.

Whether dimmable or long life, we only supply high quality and professional LED lamps from well-known manufacturers such as Osram, Ledvance or Philips (Signify) to ensure consistent good quality lighting.

LED lamps as energy-efficient lighting

LED lamps (light-emitting diodes) consume less power than conventional incandescent lamps, among others - and have a much longer service life. Consequently, operating costs can be greatly reduced by converting to LED light without having to compromise on the quality of light. For this reason, many companies are considering switching their lighting systems to LED technology.

Depending on the operational lighting requirements, the use of LED lamps for operation on 230 volt mains voltage has many advantages: The integrated control gear in the base of the LED facilitates the conversion to LED lighting, eliminating the need for an external transformer. And the retrofit bases in the form of screw bases such as LED E27 or E14 LED, rotary bases such as GU10 LED lamps or G53 LED plug-in bases, and many more, allow the LED bulbs to be used directly on the luminaire.

In addition, the latest development has produced modern LED tubes (LED tube such as LED T5, LED T8, LED T9), which are in no way inferior to conventional fluorescent tubes in terms of light output. Their integrated control gear also complies with all VDE safety regulations when connecting and operating LED lamps.

Low-voltage LED lamps are even more efficient and can also be used for the illumination of damp rooms due to their operation with low voltage. Large lighting concepts, both indoors and outdoors, can also be implemented in a cost-saving manner with LED lamps, LED tube lamps and LED reflector lamps.

LED lamps can be controlled and adjusted in brightness by using LED drivers or LED dimmers. The latest LED lamps with smart home technology can also be addressed via modern interfaces such as WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and Co. and controlled with smart phone apps, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Thus, LED illuminants enable an economical lighting concept for companies, associations and public institutions. 

Dimmable LED lamps offer a diverse range of color temperatures: from warm white to neutral to cool white - a suitable lighting mood can always be created. Many LED lamps can also be dimmed continuously.

The range of the MULTI LITE online store includes high-voltage LED lamps for operation with conventional 230 V AC voltage, but also low-voltage LED lamps that are supplied by an LED control gear with 12 V or 24 V constant voltage or corresponding constant current.


For more information on the characteristics of LED lamps, please visit our LED information page: www.multi-lite.com/en/led


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