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LED RETROFIT – Save money through conversion
Saving money has never been easier. Even without installing new illumination systems.
LED lighting systems
We have lamps and luminaires from all significant manufacturers in our warehouses and can therefore deliver quickly and from a single source. We advise you according to your requirements and are unbiased when it comes to manufacturers.
Give us a call, we will be happy to give you advice. Unbiased, expert consultation.

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Dimmable LEDs
The flexible regulation of light is a factor not to be underestimated in many areas when it comes to improving concentration and creativity. Therefore, so-called ‘dimming’ of a lamp is one of the deciding factors for optimum lighting atmosphere.

Theoretically LED lamps, colloquially often also called LED bulbs or LED lightbulbs, can be dimmed a lot more easily in comparison to other light sources, such as discharge lamps. Unfortunately in practice this does not always translate. Technical problems in the interplay between analogue and digital technology in dimmers, paired with varying quality in LED lamps, often lead to malfunctions. Flickering lamps, jerky dimmer levels or a complete lack of ability to dim are the consequences. Not every dimmer is simply suitable for use with every LED lamp. Let us advise you.
LED colour temperature
Like every form of illumination, an LED lamp also creates light in a wide variety of colour temperatures. The colour temperatures fill a room with atmosphere and ambience. They are one of the most important factors for a pleasant optical environment.

Good LED lamps maintain their original colour temperature throughout their whole service life.

Like every form of illumination, an LED lamp also creates light in a wide variety of colour temperatures. The colour temperatures fill a room with atmosphere and ambience. They are one of the most important factors for a pleasant optical environment.
LEDs for natural colour rendering
You’ll be familiar with this: your customers try on a newly-discovered item of clothing in the changing room, full of anticipation, step excitedly before the mirror, and suddenly look into it disappointed. In the blink of an eye, it doesn’t look as good. The colours have lost their intensity, skin looks pale, maybe even slightly yellow, and the whole effect is rather disappointing. The reason for this is the colour rendering index (CRI) of the lighting. Because the colours only reflect in an authentic and undistorted way when the CRI is exact and high-quality.

We help you avoid such unpleasant surprises. Especially for lighting-sensitive industries such as retail and the hotel and gastronomy industries, we offer a wide range of LED lamps that offer natural colour rendering, therefore possessing a high CRI of over 80, which corresponds to almost perfect colour rendering.
Service life of LED lamps
The service life of LED lamps is generally considerably higher than that of standard lamps. It is determined by various influences, such as a thermally optimised housing, which optimally protects the sensitive electronics of the LED lamp, thus guaranteeing a long service life.

High-quality, modern LED lamps have built-in temperature control. This ensures that the maximum service life of the LED lamp is also reliably reached. This property is also an important and often underestimated guarantee of safety. The temperature control causes the LED lamps to automatically switch off if they overheat. This prevents defects and even fires.
Lamp characteristics
Luminosity Comparison
Highest energy efficiency
Rising electricity prices combined with lighting that does not function in an economical way is increasingly posing an enormous cost and diminishing the advantages of good lighting in the long term.

LED lamps and LED luminaires enable wholly more efficient energy and bank account balance sheets. You can, for example, replace your old 75-watt lightbulb lamps with efficient LED lamps of 14 watts, or your 50 watt PAR16 cold light mirror lamps with 5.5 watt LED lamps. You won’t notice any difference in the brightness or even in the quality of the light – but you will on the final bill from your energy provider.

In contrast to an LED lamp, with a luminaire the deflection of the light rays plays an important role in the rating of efficiency. Because what’s the point of lighting having a high lumen output if the conventional luminaire deflects part of the light in an inefficient way and gets in the way of the lighting itself, therefore absorbing part of the light itself, or even casting shadows? LED luminaires are markedly more effective here.

Quality factors here are the correct measurement and construction of the luminaires, as well as the quality of the material used to make the reflectors. The quality benchmark here is the lumen/wattage achieved.

Let us advise you!
Best light constancy
A further mark of quality for LED lamps and LED lights is light constancy – the maintenance of brightness over the total lifespan.

Almost all LEDs available on the market increasingly lose lumens in the course of their life cycles. This creeping loss of brightness, also called degradation, may not signal the end, technically, but it does puts an end to the life of an LED lamp in optical terms. An example: if an LED shows that it has a lifespan of 35,000 hours and with that specifies a degradation value of L70, this means that the LED lamp upon reaching 35,000 hours has already forfeited 30% of its initial brightness.

Through the use of durable LED Chips, the onset of degradation is hardly measurable up until the specified lifespan of the product. This means that an LED lamp still has almost exactly as high a luminous flux after its specified lifespan, as it did when it started being used.

First class LED lamps today reach a maximum degradation of 10% at the end of their lifespan. It is no longer necessary to wonder about the reduction of brightness in these lights.

We would be happy to help you choose!
LEDs for your stage, your business, your property or your trade

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Tel: +49 (0) 40 - 66 99 30-60


We deliver all brands to you from one source and offer independent and personal advice during the process. In doing so we often offer cheaper prices, and almost always shorter delivery times, than the manufacturers themselves.
Easy switch to LED
The biggest obstacles that stand in the way of a switch to LED lamps and LED lights are summarised as follows:

  • size differences in the dimensions of light sources and sockets,
  • the necessity of a uniform voltage source,
  • compatibility with existing dimmers, ballasts and control gears
  • modified beam angle of the light.

For these challenges Multi-Lite has more suitable solutions in its range.

Size and socket
Exactly coordinated sizes and sockets enable a quick and seamless swap of your conventional lighting.

Voltage source
Unfortunately old halogen transformers, like air core transformers are unregulated. This means that low voltage output can sometimes be higher and subject to fluctuations. This damages many LED retrofit light elements. It normally leads to flickering, or in the worst case permanent damage to LED lamps. LED lamps, equipped with corresponding drivers, effectively and sustainably protect the LED light sources from these fluctuations. Seamless continuous operation is no longer hindered by cumbersome pre-existing halogen transformers getting in the way. Should you at some point require a change of transformers, we have the best quality LED transformers on the market waiting for you.

Dimmer compatibility
In addition, we offer LED lamps equipped with an internal driver, which is responsible for a continuous dimmer behaviour with almost all reverse- and phase control dimmers. The clear advantage for you: here, too, you can convert your old lights to modern, efficient LED light sources without financial and time expenditures.
Beam angle
We offer a large variety of beam angles to choose from. Whether you require an LED light with narrow focus (e.g. 20° ) or an LED lamp which scatters light extensively (e.g. 360°), we have the right product and will be happy to advise you.
Top light quality
"LED lamps and lights are blinding." - This is a common argument made in previous years in connection to LED technology. This was a problem, especially because in the professional sector, customers or guests should in no way feel blinded by LED lighting. Light makes a significant contribution to the positive mood of the customers, as well as a providing a high quality ambience, and must therefore completely suit the desired atmosphere.

To this end we offer LED lamps with high quality finish, single-focus lenses or also with special precision lenses (LGO, less glare optics). Single-focus optics concentrates the LED light that is emitted within a closed, illuminated area, without the creation of unsightly hot spots and blind spots, which are often found when using multi-focus lenses. LGO precision lenses optimise light control, which reduces light scatter and glare to a minimum and enables a homogenous light distribution.

Professional LED lighting of the highest level.
Extremely low maintenance
Thanks to their durability and robustness, LED lamps are among the lowest-maintenance lighting systems. Nevertheless LED products must also be examined every now and then. External influences, such as dirt or weather conditions, shorten the maintenance period, and likewise the degradation of the luminous flux and the duration of the operational period.

The goal of premium manufacturers is therefore to reduce the maintenance costs as much as possible. Extremely long lifespan, a high level of robustness, high quality LED chip and driver technology, internal thermal management etc. – through the consistent use of high quality components and the newest technologies, and their constant further development, many LED lamps and LED lights outperform the, up until now, usual maintenance intervals and enable a long maintenance free usage.
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