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Simply excellent
Inexpensive, energy-efficient and reliable - LEDINAIRE LED luminaires from the brand manufacturer PHILIPS offer you the complete entry-level program for a variety of lighting projects.

Available product families:
  • Ledinaire Highbay
  • Ledinaire Waterproof Gen.2
  • Ledinaire Wall-Mounted
  • Ledinaire Panel
  • Ledinaire Downlight
  • Ledinaire Slim Downlight
  • Ledinaire Floodlight Mini Gen.2
  • Ledinaire Floodlight Maxi Gen.2
  • Ledinaire Batten
  • Ledinaire Pentura Mini LED
  • Ledinaire Recessed
  • Ledinaire Surface-Mounted
  • Ledinaire Zadora LED
  • Ledinaire ClearAccent

Good quality for a good price: The LEDINAIRE program contains a large selection of standard LED luminaires for easy upgrade to LED - for a wide range of application areas.

  • professional brand quality
  • easy installation
  • high energy savings
  • reliable products
  • numerous uses

Inform now and save money!

From the market leader - Get to know the LEDINAIRE product family now!
Whether for industrial halls, hotels, offices, parking lots, sales rooms, sports facilities, billboards and much more - the right LEDINAIRE product for every application! The assortment has been continuously expanded and improved - ideal for getting started with upgrading to LED.

The LEDINAIRE product family consists of a variety of reliable LED luminaires at an affordable price that do their job excellently.
Proven PHILIPS brand quality you can count on anytime.
Cost-effective lighting from the LED market leader - reliable for perfect results.
Competitive prices - for cost-effective entry into the LED sector.


Product overview and quick selection

Ledinaire Highbay
Ledinaire Waterproof
Ledinaire Wall-Mounted
Ledinaire Panel
Ledinaire Downlight
Ledinaire Slim Downlight
Ledinaire Floodlight Mini
Ledinaire Floodlight Maxi
Ledinaire Batten
Ledinaire Pentura Mini LED
Ledinaire Recessed
Ledinaire Surface-Mounted
Ledinaire Zadora LED
Ledinaire ClearAccent

Ledinaire Highbay

Designed for high ceiling applications in the industry


The Ledinaire Highbay is an ambitious Philips indoor spotlight that replaces conventional lighting while saving money.
Designed to illuminate high ceilings in industrial applications, LED technology not only helps save energy (up to 55% compared to luminaires with high-intensity discharge lamps), but is much longer in service with an average of 50,000 hours of life.

  • Various luminous flux packages (10,000 lm, 24 cm diameter - 20,000 lm, 34 cm diameter) available
  • Control gear included
  • Protection class I, impact resistance IK06, protection class IP65
  • Single point suspension with suspension hook
  • Fields of application: Warehouses, production halls, entrance areas

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Ledinaire Waterproof Gen.2

Moisture-proof luminaires in brand quality at an affordable price


High impact resistance (IK08) and a sealed, maintenance-free housing made of plastic tubing bring the products of the Ledinaire Waterproof family along with a new, sleek design and a mounting bracket that can be attached along the entire length of the LED light.
There is also a choice of 1,800 lm, 3,600 lm and 5,600 lm luminous flux packages to suit all application conditions in industrial halls (up to a ceiling height of 4 m), cold stores or ancillary rooms.
The radiation angle of the LED moisture-proof luminaire is referred to as the "Lambertian radiation bundle".

  • Robust
  • Slim design
  • Low height, little effort in the dust accumulation
  • Application areas: Industrial halls, refrigerated rooms, covered parking

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Ledinaire Wall-Mounted

Cost-effective wall-mounted luminaires with a high quality level


Light your hallways, corridors, stairwells and public areas in an energy-saving and efficient way with the Ledinaire Wall-Mounted range from Philips.
The LED wall luminaires convince with a high quality level, a modern design with opal diffuser for a homogeneous light and two different sizes (30 cm and 35 cm) to choose from. They have protection class II, an impact resistance of IK03 and can also be installed with through-wiring.
Optionally, they can also be purchased with a motion detector.

  • Professional, robust product quality
  • High reliability
  • Application areas: Corridors, staircases, public areas

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Ledinaire Panel

Recessed luminaires for a competitive price


The Ledinaire Panel convinces with its high energy efficiency in general lighting and is also particularly robust due to its steel frame.
To prevent premature yellowing, the panel has a high-quality "light guide".
In addition, the Ledinaire panel has been equipped with an extended service life, which enables a burning time of up to 50,000 hours (L70).

Further features are:

  • Protection class IK02
  • Polystyrene diffuser optical enclosure
  • In the colour RAL 9016
  • Accessories for suspension, plaster ceiling and surface mounting
  • Connector with strain relief
  • Application areas: Offices, reception and meeting areas, sales rooms, corridors, ancillary rooms, hotels, residential homes for the elderly

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Ledinaire Downlight

Popular LED standard luminaires for low-cost upgrade


The DN060B downlights of the Ledinaire product family (Philips Lighting / Signify) emit an indirect, pleasant light and offer new LED technology at a moderate entry price.
Their appearance is modern and unobtrusive, they offer the usual quality of all Philips luminaires and are available in different light colours.
They are connected by means of fastening springs, quick connectors or strain relief.


  • Through-wiring possible
  • The optical module is sealed for life, so internal cleaning is not necessary
  • Polycarbonate housing, steel reflector
  • Integrated driver
  • Impact resistance IK02, protection class I
  • Application areas: corridors and traffic areas, staircases, waiting rooms, reception areas

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Ledinaire Slim Downlight

The entry-level downlight for narrow ceilings

Application_image_to_Ledinaire_Slim Downlight

The products of the Ledinaire Slim Downlight product range offer professional LED technology for little money in a modern, extremely slim design.
The LED lights are available as 1000 lm or 2000 lm luminous flux version with 3000 K or 4000 K colour temperature and are very easy to install. A ceiling cut-out from 150 mm to 205 mm is required.

Further features:

  • Beam angle: 90 x 90°
  • IEC Protection class: Protection class II; Impact resistance: IK02
  • Application areas: corridors, traffic areas, staircases, waiting rooms, reception areas

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Presentation_special_features_product_family_Slim Downlight


Ledinaire Floodlight Mini Gen.2

Efficient, reliable, compact: the perfect alternative for conventional floodlights


The LED spotlight Ledinaire Floodlight Mini is preferably suitable for the effective illumination of smaller areas and for the decorative illumination of objects or architecture.
The Mini Floodlight is small and handy and comes with a resistant aluminium housing with a real glass cover. It offers a remarkable saving in electricity and costs compared to conventional floodlights. At the same time, it requires little maintenance during its entire product life.

  • Various light colours (3000 K and 4000K) and luminous flux packages (1,000 lm to 5,250 lm) are available
  • With protection class IK07, and IP65
  • Also available with flexibly adjustable motion and daylight sensor
  • For surface lighting of: small car parks, carports, emergency lighting or decorative landscape lighting and illumination of objects

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Ledinaire Floodlight Maxi Gen.2

Compact LED floodlight with passive thermal management


The Ledinaire Floodlight Maxi product family easily replaces conventional headlights with the latest LED technology.
The Maxi headlamps are compact and handy in design, yet extremely robust, low-maintenance and energy-efficient with a savings potential of up to 53% (compared to headlamps with high-pressure discharge lamps from 70 W to 400 W).
The symmetrical reflector is made of aluminium, the housing of die-cast aluminium is painted grey (RAL 7043).

  • Beam angle of 100° x 100°
  • Free connection cables
  • Various installation options thanks to U-shaped bracket with base, suitable for 3-point fixing with M20 screws: on mast frame, on wall, on roof, on ceiling, as standing or pendant mounting
  • Illumination of: Parking lots, industrial areas, shipyards, safety lighting / lighting of public facilities

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Ledinaire Batten

LED tube for easy replacement of conventional bulbs


The Ledinaire Batten range includes a selection of popular LED tubes (batten luminaires) that offer the high Philips quality at a competitive price.
Perfect for your entry into LED lighting, especially general lighting, cove & niche lighting and storage lighting.


  • High quality and reliability
  • LED technology for energy saving
  • Handy and compact design
  • Available as integrated (BN012C) and TLED based version (BN060C)
  • Up to 10 Ledinaire Battens can be connected in a row
  • Mounting accessories included in scope of delivery
  • Male and Female Connectors
  • Base of the LED Tube is G13 (illuminant exchangeable)
  • Application areas: general lighting, storage rooms

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Ledinaire Pentura Mini LED

Low-priced LED miniature light bar


The Ledinaire Pentura Mini LED products are characterised by an extremely slim, slim design that is perfect for installation on shelving for product lighting.
The LED light strip (protection class II and impact resistance IK02) emits a homogeneous, neutral white or warm white light with up to 75 lumens per watt and at the same time helps to save energy.
Another particularly popular feature is the possibility of stringing together several luminaires to form a continuous row. Thanks to the extremely small end caps, these can be mounted practically without gaps.
An electronic control gear is also integrated in the luminaires.
Accessories (clips for ceiling mounting, electrical connection cable without plug (150 mm), connection for through-wiring (160 mm)) are included.

  • Very slim, efficient light bar
  • Excellent light output with very good color rendering
  • Continuous lines without gaps thanks to narrow end caps
  • Application areas: sales rooms, ancillary rooms, corridors, canteens, cove lighting

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Ledinaire Recessed

High quality recessed luminaires


Best general lighting with the Ledinaire Recessed product family.
The reliable and energy-efficient LED luminaires are available in both tile form (square) and oblong rectangular form and can be easily installed in office ceilings, corridors, doctor's rooms, etc. The LED luminaires are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Equipped with 3,400 lumen luminous flux and available in 3000 K (white) or 4000 K (neutral white) versions, the recessed luminaires emit a homogeneous, pleasantly bright light.

  • Reliable and affordable
  • Energy efficient
  • Application areas: Offices (no screen work), classrooms, corridors and traffic areas

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Ledinaire Surface-Mounted

Designed for general lighting LED surface-mounted luminaire


The Ledinaire Surface-Mounted is a cost-effective and efficient surface-mounted LED luminaire that emits an average of 30,000 hours (L70B50) of warm white (3,000K) or neutral white (4,000K) light.
Surface-mounting is also easy with two simple mounting brackets for mounting in the ceiling. It is not necessary to remove the cover.
The control gear is already permanently installed and cannot be replaced.

  • High quality at an affordable price
  • Built-in and surface-mounted versions
  • Simple surface mounting
  • Application areas: Offices (not BAP-capable), classrooms, corridors and traffic areas, entrance areas

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Ledinaire Zadora LED

Swivel recessed downlight for MASTERLEDspot lamps


The Ledinaire Zadora LED products are swivelling downlights with replaceable light source.
It is equipped as standard with a MASTERLED Spot MV lamp, which offers enormous brightness with high energy efficiency and replaces a 50W halogen lamp.
The downlight is perfectly suited for use in office buildings, shops and retail shops as well as in the hotel and catering industry.
They are also compatible with most commercially available phase-angle and cut-off dimmers.
Installation is possible directly on the ceiling, thanks to the ceiling surface-mounted socket with connection point (BA). However, through-wiring is not possible.

  • For optimal freedom of design
  • Savings on energy and maintenance costs
  • Allows angular alignment of 30º from the vertical
  • Application areas: Hotel and Hospitality, Retail, Offices

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Ledinaire ClearAccent

Cost-effective LED recessed spotlight


The ClearAccent product family impresses with its attractive price-performance ratio.
It is the perfect replacement for 50W low-voltage recessed halogen spotlights, also because of its 68mm thick ceiling cut-out, which corresponds exactly to the standard size.
The ClearAccent not only looks elegant, it also comes with an integrated control gear, modern, energy-saving LED technology and screw connectors for easy installation.

  • Up to 90 % energy savings and 10 times longer service life (compared to halogen luminaires)
  • High quality die-cast aluminium & polycarbonate
  • 36° angle of radiation, 500 lumen luminous flux
  • Fixed or adjustable version (inclinable by 25°) available
  • Application areas: Reception areas, hotel and hospitality, small shops, offices, corridors, elevators, toilets

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