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Colour Temperature

Special Base
PGJX50 PGJX36 PGJX28 PGJ36 PGJ19-1 P45T P43T P32D-2 P23 P22D P15.5S P14.5S K23D FAXP2.5 FAX1.5 E23H E22H E20.9 CABLE FMF CABLE RF CABLE FM CABLE FF B8.5D BX8.4D PK32D-5 PK32D-2 X511 W2X4.6D W2.1X9.5D SV8.5-8 SPECIAL S14S PX26D PKX22S PK30D PK22S PICO9 more ... less ...
Screw Base
E40 E27 E14 E10
Double Ended Base
SFA6-2/8 SFA7.5 SFA8-2/8 SFAX27-10 SFAX27-13 SFAX27-14 SFAX27-14X SFAX27-9.5 SFAX30-9.5 SFC10-4 SFC10-4/15 SFC11-4 SFC12-4 SFC15.5 SFC15-6/25 SFC27 SFC30 SFC32.5 SFC33.5-14 SFC7.5 SFCA29 SFCX15 SFCX23-22 SFCY10 SFCY13 SFCY13-5 SK27/50 W4.3X8.5D FC2 G13 G5 K12S K12S-36 K12X30S KY10S R7S RX7S RX7S-24 S25.5 S30 SF33.5 SFA13 SFA21 SFA21-12 SFA25-14 SFA27 SFA27-11 SFA27-14 SFA30-20 SFA33.5 SFA33.5-14 SFA38 more ... less ...
Plug Base & Pin Base
PG22 GZY9.5 GZZ9.5 GZ9.5 GZ6.35 GY9.5 GY6.35 GY5.3 GY4 GY22 GY16 GX9.5 GX6.35 GX51 GX5.3 GX38 GX24Q-4 GX24Q-3 GX24Q-2 GX24Q-1 GX24D-3 GX24D-2 GX24D-1 GX23 GX16D GU5.3 GU4 GR8 GR10Q G9.5 G9 G8.5 G6.35 G53 G5.3 G4 G38 G24Q-3 G24Q-2 G24Q-1 G24D-1 G23 G22 G12 G10Q 2GX13 2GX11 2G7 2G13 2G11 2G10 G24D-3 G24D-2 more ... less ...
Twist an Lock Base & Bayonet Base
GU8.5 GU10 BAY9S BAY15D BA9S BA20S BA20D BA15S BA15D B15D more ... less ...
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