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Sales only to commercial customers
Sales only to commercial customers

Trade Fair

Free beer for everyone!
We're skipping prolight+sound this year - but instead we're giving away a four-pack of delicious Hanseatic beer with every order placed during the offer period!
The bright madness!
Due to the great demand we`ll continue our craft beer promotion this year and give you free beer around this period of time.

Let's go: from the 26th of March to the 10th of April 2019 you will receive an original "Überquell 4 Pack" for every MULTI-LITE order you place.

Enjoy four different types of pearly craft beer from the Port of Hamburg! This time with the varieties "Lieblings Imperial Lager", "Original", "Palim Palim Ale" and "Supadupa IPA".

And this is how it works: Quite simply - you just neet to give us the keyword "free beer"! And already the hoppy drinks are on us.

…because in Hamburg we keep traditions! "CHEERS"!
And to brighten up your day even more ...
Here you will find a small selection of entertainment lamps. To view the entire portfolio, simply click on "all products".

... and that's not all we can do!

Quality & specialty lamps
We can provide virtually any lamp in the entertainment industry.

Get in contact with us when you need something more special.
Express delivery and just-in-times logistics
Naturally always super-fast and under very appealing conditions.

You need your light bulbs very fast and delivered to different places? No problem.
Wholesale, consulting and planning
The whole thing guaranteed with advice independent of any manufacturer.

Fancy a refill ...?
Naturally you're always welcome to come and have a beer with us in Reinbek near to the beautiful Hanseatic city of Hamburg!
Free beer for you!
5 Locations.

50 Experts

56 Brands

100.000 Products

See for yourself.

Come and visit.

We look forward to seeing you!

Phone: +49 40 66 99 30 - 60

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