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Sales only to commercial customers

ERP Halogen Lamps

ERP Directive - All-clear for Theater
Halogen discontinuation all-clear for theatre floodlights

The last stage of the EU legislation banning halogen lamps comes into force on 1st September 2018. However, the last stage only relates to eco-halogen lamps for use in general lighting applications!

Halogen lamps from the entertainment sector, such as PAR56, PAR64 halogen lamps; high-voltage halogen lamps with for example GX9.5, GY9.5, GY16, G22, G38 fittings; HPL lamps; FastFit halogen lamps etc. are not affected.

The following halogen lamps are affected:

  • Halogen Classic with E14/E27 fitting in incandescent bulb, candle and globe form
  • Halogen Pin Base Lamps with EEL < B and/or lifetime < 2,000h
  • Halogen lamps with B15d/E27 base tube/tubular shape

Consequently there is no need to replace or decommission existing floodlights! We will continue to supply you with all needed halogen lamps for theatre, stage etc.

You have further questions? Than contact us!
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