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Sales only to commercial customers
Sales only to commercial customers

Philips Special Lighting!
Delivering unforgettable experiences for our clients is the challenge that inspires us to create the most exciting innovations in light.

Philips Lighting continuously works closely with leading fixture manufacturers to design stage lighting solutions that are more efficient, more powerful, more compact and easier to handle.

Whether theater lighting, lighting design or lighting shows - Philips offers suitable stage lighting solutions for every stage lighting application.

Creating an unforgettable experience and maximum impact for the audience has never been more easy.

Areas of application for Philips Special Lighting Lamps
Philips Theater Lighting
With professional spotlights and the matching lamps, you can create impressive effects in a wide range of colors.
The lighting experiences you create have the power to captivate audiences and turn a performance into something magical. To bring out the best in your talents, you need fixtures that maximiseyour scene-setting capabilities and recreate them perfectly.

Philips Entertainment luminaires aren’t just sources of illumination –they’re part of the narrative. They set the scene, capture the mood, ramp-up the emotion. They help create the magic.
Philips Lighting for Club/DJ
With exciting lighting effects and intense colours our Club and DJ lamp portfolio creates an atmospheric light show on your dance floor!
In clubs it is vital to create the right mood with impactful and fast moving lighting effects. Philips Platinum lamps do just that. Their very short arc produces a sparkling, bright light that eliminates shadows and perfectly reproduces brilliant and vivid colors.

Moreover, the system is so compact that smaller, lightweight fixtures can be developed, which can be used anywhere and can rotate rapidly around the room. More design possibilities, more impact and less energy consumption.
Philips Stage Lighting
We offer lighting solutions for perfect stage lighting: Light shows and light effects make your stars shine in the spotlight!
Most lighting designers have a true passion for creating spectacular shows. To help bring out the best in their talents, we have developed the Platinum lamp system.

Philips Platinum lamps are extremely compact and intense, allowing OEMs to design really small and flexible fixtures that rotate rapidly and highlight every angle on stage. The fixtures with Philips Stage Lighting inside bring the artists’ performances to life, creating an experience that the audience will never forget!

Philips Special Lighting - Innovations and Highlights
MSD Platinum 200 Flex
The new Platinum Flex lamp is designed with flexible options, enabling more functionalities for your fixture.

Next to the excellent lumen output in different colors, the Platinum Flex platform enables the fixture to produce more color combinations and color corrections.
This lamp provides a high beam intensity of pure, white light for a truly illuminating performance, while the goldplated caps provide superior heat protection and prevent premature failure.

Thanks to the specially designed lamp base and lamp holder called FastFit the MSR Gold lamps can be replaced in seconds.
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