GE Lighting is now TUNGSRAM - TUNGSRAM Operations Kft cs.a. liquidated as of 31.12.2022

With great regret the management of TUNGSRAM Kft. announced on 13.12.2022 that the liquidation of the consortium of companies has become inevitable and will be completed on 31.12.2022. TUNGSRAM GmbH - the German subsidiary - will not be liquidated immediately as well, but this process is nevertheless without alternative.

Thus, the TUNGSRAM group will stop any production and supply at the end of the year.


As a precaution, Multi-Lite has therefore reordered many important products and product families - such as the CMH - from the TUNGSRAM Group in large quantities in order to maintain the highest possible delivery availability for you. In addition, we will of course advise you on suitable replacement products. Just get in touch with us:

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GE Lighting became TUNGSRAM


The TUNGSRAM Group, a group of companies owned by Jörg Bauer, has acquired GE Lighting's business in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Turkey, as well as its Global Automotive business ("GEL EMEAT").


Since April this year, the TUNGSRAM Group has been gradually re-entering the market in various countries. The headquarters in Budapest as well as the five factories in Hungary and all GE Lighting infrastructure were taken over and will henceforth be operated under the company name Tungsram Operations Kft. In the course of this, the GE Lighting business in Germany was also transferred to Tungsram Germany GmbH on 7 November 2018. Tungsram Germany GmbH assumes all warranty obligations of GE Lighting GmbH and will also fulfil them in full.


In 1989, GE Lighting had taken over the plants of Tungsram and continued the lamp business until 07 November 2018, whereby the TUNGSRAM brand had never completely disappeared from the market, but continued to sell lamps within the GE Lighting Group. Now, the TUNGSRAM group around Jörg Bauer has taken over responsibility again and pronounced ambitious plans for the next years.


President_and_Chief_Executive_Officer President_and_Chief_Executive_Officer

An iconic name returns to the market in April 2018, as a Hungarian base innovative and global brand.

"Tungsram was the most innovative Hungarian industrial company of the last century and, by applying this attitude to a 21st century business, we will secure our position as a global force in lighting solutions.

Our brand promise is to deliver high quality, long-lasting light sources, developed and produced with superior technical knowledge to provide a comfortable, optimal light for work and leisure."


- Jörg Bauer

TUNGSRAM_Operations TUNGSRAM_Operations

In 1896, Tungsram was founded in Hungary, at that time under a different name. The name is a combination of the English "tungsten" and the German "Wolfram". In the course of time, Tungsram became a world market leader in the production of lamps. In the process, it repeatedly came up with major innovations, such as the invention of the krypton lamp in 1934.


New name, same quality: Tungsram takes over all GE Lighting factories and expands the GE brand product range with the existing Tungsram portfolio to offer an even more comprehensive range. From now on, customers will receive deliveries of the usual quality without interruption.


A new management team: The Tungsram Group will largely build on its existing, experienced managers and teams, supplemented by some new positions. The main short-term goal is to ensure a smooth transition and continue the business as an independent company.


Innovation is our heritage: this is the motto under which Tungsram was founded 120 years ago - and it could hardly be more relevant today. In the global market, Tungsram will invest in future-proof technologies and dynamically growing global markets while strengthening the core of its Lighting business.


What can we do for your success? The focus of the Tungsram Group is entirely on customer needs and customer contact. The entire organization is being realigned to support customers and partners with the flexibility and agility of a start-up company, despite centuries of tradition.


More information about what is happening at TUNGSRAM can be found here:

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What changes?

For you as our MULTI-LITE customers, nothing will change for the time being, because we will continue our good business relations and the direct accounts with now TUNGSRAM.

Therefore, our service for you will remain as high quality as usual and you will still receive all GE lamps from us, which you have received from us before. And in the future we will supply you with the quality products of the TUNGSRAM Group.

Packaging_Redesign Packaging_Redesign

Initially, they will continue to receive GE-branded packaging.

Within the next two years, however, these will be phased out and replaced by Tungsram items in Tungsram packaging.

During the transition period, items will be launched with both GE and Tungsram branding. The products with Tungsram packaging will be issued with new EAN and item number. The articles will be delivered accordingly with GE, or Tungsram packaging, thus mixed batches may occur.


Our customer advisors will of course inform you if necessary and make the transition as pleasant as possible for you.


Product catalogues now have dual branding and include Tungsram part numbers for some items in addition to the familiar GE Lighting part numbers.

LED_Fixtures LED_Fixtures

LED Fixtures


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LED_Interior LED_Interior

LED Indoor


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Traditional_lamps Traditional_lamps

Traditional Lamps


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Are there any new products yet?

There are currently no real innovations. Only a very small selection of GE Lighting products that are available as of November 2018 and have undergone a technical improvement will soon be launched on the market as TUNGSRAM products.

Product_Picture Product_Picture

CSR18000W HSB Hot Restrike

The latest innovation GE has released is the CSR18000W HSB Hot Restrike lamp.

The single-ended metal halide lamp has a compact design, hot restrike ignition and excellent color rendering.


Product Features:

  • G51 base
  • 6000 Kelvin
  • 90 CRI
  • 1.650.000 lumenx
  • Universal burning position
  • 250 hours lifetime

Perfectly suited for film, TV and studio lighting

Its robust design makes it an all-rounder in the entertainment sector. The high color temperature gives you realistic daylight. Despite the high luminous flux, the CSR18000W HSB Hot Restrike is highly efficient.

One of the most outstanding improvements is its even more effective heat dissipation, which gives it an unprecedented 250 hours of life.

Click here for the CSR product family from TUNGSRAM:

  CSR Products 


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We would also be happy to inform you personally about the changeover and answer any questions you may have.

Simply get in touch with us.


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