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The most important factors for a purchase decision for LED lighting at a glance:

Dimmable LEDs

In many areas, the flexible regulation of brightness is a factor that should not be underestimated for increasing the ability to concentrate and creativity. Thus, the so-called dimming of a lamp is one of the decisive factors for an optimal lighting mood.


Theoretically, LED lamps, popularly known as LED bulbs or LED light bulbs, can be dimmed without any problems, unlike other light sources such as discharge lamps. Unfortunately, practice is often different. Technical problems in the interaction of analogue and digital technology in dimmers, coupled with differences in the quality of LED lamps, often lead to malfunctions. Flickering lamps, jerky dimming levels or a complete lack of dimmability are the consequences. Not every dimmer is suitable for every LED lamp.

LED colour temperature

Like any illuminant, an LED lamp produces light in different colour temperatures. The colour temperatures fill a room with atmosphere and mood. They are one of the most important factors for a pleasant visual room climate.


Playing with different LED colour temperatures, for example, is what gives a lounge its individual feel-good ambience (using warm LED light in various shades of red, orange and yellow to warm white). Or effectively draw customers' attention to a specific exhibition area by using neutral white LED light that provides high-contrast illumination and specifically highlights objects.


Good LED lamps retain their original colour temperature unchanged over their entire service life.

LEDs for natural colour rendition

You know what it's like: your customers are in the changing room, excitedly trying on the garment they have just discovered, then they step in front of the mirror and suddenly look disappointed. From one moment to the next, everything doesn't look so good after all. The colours have lost their strength, the skin looks pale, maybe even yellowish and the overall impression is rather disappointing. The reason for this is the colour rendering index (CRI) of the light source. Only if the CRI is accurate and of high quality will colours be reproduced authentically and without distortion.


We help you avoid such unpleasant surprises. Especially for lighting-sensitive sectors such as retail, hotels and restaurants, we offer a wide range of LED lamps for natural colour rendering, i.e. with a high colour rendering index (CRI) of over 80, which corresponds to almost perfect colour rendering.

Service life of LED lamps

The service life of LED lamps is generally significantly longer than that of conventional lamps. It is co-determined by various influences, such as a thermally optimised housing that optimally protects the sensitive electronics of the LED lamp and thus ensures a long service life.


High-quality, modern LED lamps have a built-in temperature control. It ensures that the maximum service life of the LED lamp is also reliably achieved. This feature is also an important and often underestimated guarantee for safety. Because the temperature control causes the LED lamps to automatically switch themselves off in case of overheating. This prevents defects or even fires.

Lamp characteristics

Brightness in comparison

Amortisation LED conversion

Maximum energy efficiency

Rising electricity prices combined with inefficient light sources increasingly represent an enormous cost factor and permanently diminish the advantage of good lighting.


LED lamps and LED luminaires enable a far more efficient energy and power balance. For example, you can replace your old 75-watt incandescent lamps with efficient 14-watt LED lamps, or your 50-watt PAR16 cold-light mirror lamps with 5.5-watt LED lamps. You won't notice any difference in brightness or even in the quality of the light - but you will notice it on your energy provider's final bill.


In contrast to an LED lamp, the deflection of the light beam plays an important role in evaluating the efficiency of a luminaire. After all, what good is a high lumen package of the light source if the conventional luminaire deflects part of the light unfavourably and the light source stands in its own way and thus absorbs its emitted light itself or even casts shadows. LED luminaires are much more efficient in this respect.


Quality factors here are the correct measurement and construction of the luminaire and, secondly, the material quality of the reflectors. The quality benchmark here is the lumens achieved per watt.

Best light constancy

Another quality feature for LED lamps and LED luminaires is light constancy - i.e. the maintenance of brightness over the entire service life.


Almost all LEDs available on the market progressively lose lumen over the course of their life cycle. This gradual loss of brightness, also known as degradation, does not put a technical end to the life of an LED lamp, but it does put a visual end to it. An example: If an LED lamp states that it has a service life of 35,000 hours and also indicates a degradation value of L70, this means that the LED lamp has already lost 30% of its initial brightness by the time it reaches 35,000 hours.


By using resilient LED chips, it is possible to achieve a barely measurable degradation by the end of the specified service life. This means that after the specified service life, an LED lamp still has almost the same luminous flux as at the beginning of its service life.


Today, first-class LED lamps achieve a maximum degradation of 10% at the end of their service life. With these lamps, there is no longer any need to worry about a reduction in brightness.

Easy switch to LED

The biggest obstacles to switching to LED lamps and LED luminaires can be summarised as follows:

  • Size differences in bulb and socket dimensions,
  • the need for uniform voltage supply,
  • lack of compatibility with existing dimmers, ballasts and operating devices, and
  • changing beam angles of the light.
  • Multi-Lite has the right solutions for these challenges.


Sizes and bases

Precisely matched sizes and bases allow for a quick and smooth replacement of your conventional lighting.


Power supply

Unfortunately, older halogen transformers, like iron core transformers, are unregulated, which means that the low voltage output can sometimes be higher and subject to small fluctuations. This is detrimental to many LED retrofit lamps. It usually leads to flickering, flickering or, in the worst case, permanent damage to the LED lamps. LED lamps equipped with appropriate drivers protect the LED lamp sustainably and effectively from these fluctuations. This means that nothing stands in the way of smooth continuous operation without cumbersome conversion of existing halogen transformers. And should you ever need to change the transformers, we have the highest quality LED transformers on the market ready for you.

High-quality light

"LED lamps and luminaires dazzle." - This is one of the most frequent arguments mentioned in connection with LED technology in recent years. This was a problem because, especially in the professional sector, it must not be the case that customers or guests feel dazzled by LED lighting. Light contributes decisively to the positive mood of the clientele and a high-quality ambience and must therefore adapt one hundred percent to the desired atmosphere.


We therefore offer LED lamps with high-quality single-focus lenses or with special precision lenses (LGO, Less Glare Optics). Single-focus optics bundle the emitted LED light into a closed lighting surface without the formation of unsightly "hot spots" and "blind spots" often found with multi-focus lenses. LGO precision lenses optimise the direction of light to minimise glare and scattered light and provide homogeneous light distribution.


Professional LED lighting at the highest level.

Beam angle

We offer a wide range and variety of beam angles. Whether you want an LED luminaire with a narrow focus (e.g. 20° degrees) or an LED lamp that spreads its light over a large area (e.g. 360° degrees) - we have the right product and will be happy to advise you.


Dimmer compatibility

We also offer LED lamps that are equipped with an internal driver for stepless dimming with almost all leading-edge and trailing-edge phase dimmers. The clear advantage for you: here, too, you can convert your old lighting to modern, efficient LED light sources without the cost and time involved in a conversion.

Extremely low maintenance

Thanks to their durability and robustness, LED lamps and luminaires are among the lowest-maintenance lighting systems. Nevertheless, LED products also need to be checked from time to time. External influences such as soiling or weather conditions shorten the maintenance period, as do the degradation of luminous flux and the duration of operating times.


The aim of premium manufacturers is therefore to reduce this maintenance effort as much as possible. extremely long service life, high robustness, high-quality LED chip and driver technology, internal thermal management, etc. - due to the consistent use of high-quality components and the latest technologies and their constant further development, many LED lamps and LED luminaires exceed the maintenance intervals customary up to now and enable long maintenance-free use.

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