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Multi-Lite has had close contact and excellent relations with Philips for many years. Our product portfolio therefore includes hundreds of different lamps and luminaires from the Dutch lighting manufacturer.

Particularly worthy of mention here are the special MSR and MSD lamps (metal halide discharge lamps), the Platinum lamps, as well as the CDM lamps (ceramic metal halide lamps), SDW-T lamps (high-pressure sodium vapour lamps), SOX lamps (low-pressure sodium vapour lamps) and the MHN lamps (metal halide lamps) from the general lighting sector.

Our range of lamps and luminaires from Philips production covers a wide variety of applications. From professional indoor lighting for shops, offices, schools, hotels, factories and hospitals to perfect outdoor lighting for streets, public places, residential areas and even sports stadiums and arenas. Multi-Lite also offers a wide range of Philips lamps and luminaires for various special applications in the areas of entertainment, studio, TV and stage.

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Your Multi-Lite Team - Faster, More Flexible, More Attractive

As an international wholesaler, we offer unbeatable prices, fast delivery and individual advice. Thanks to our close cooperation with manufacturers, we can offer attractive conditions even for small order quantities. Our team is at your side to help you choose the right products. You can rely on us to process your orders quickly and reliably so that you receive your goods promptly.


Would you like advice on Philips Lighting products?

We will be happy to help you find the right Philips lamps and luminaires. Feel free to get in touch with us.

Contact us at: or +49 4066993060

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Special Base
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Screw Base
E14 E27 E40
Double Ended Base
DOUBLEENDE FA6 G13 G5 K12S-7 R7S RX7S SFC10-4 SFC11 SFC20-6 X528 X830R more ... less ...
Plug Base & Pin Base
1-PIN 2G11 2G7 2GX13 4-PIN SE G10Q G12 G22 G23 G24D-1 G24D-2 G24D-3 G24Q-1 G24Q-2 G24Q-3 G38 G4 G5.3 G5.4X17Q G53 G6.35 G8.5 G9 GU4 GU5.3 GX16D GX22 GX24D-2 GX24Q-2 GX24Q-3 GX24Q-4 GX24Q-5 GX5.3 GX8.5 GX9.5 GY22 GY5.3 GY6.35 GY9.5 GZ4 GZ6.35 GZY9.5 GZZ9.5 PG12-1 PG12-2 PG22 more ... less ...
Blacklight Blue Cool Daylight Cool White Daylight Gold Green Infrared Neutral White Red Tunable Warm White Tunable White Warm White White Yellow more ... less ...
Twist an Lock Base & Bayonet Base
BA15D BY22D GU10 GU6.5 GX10
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